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Archive for the 'Non Food' Category

May 07 2011

Commodity Prices are going up

Published by CPGgal under Food,Non Food

With commodity prices increasing what do you think that will do to consumer goods? You guessed it, prices are going to have to increase. Manufacturers have put off “real” price increases by bringing down the size of the products over the last few years, but with soaring costs and not much left to mini-size, prices [...]

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Jan 15 2011


Published by CPGgal under Costco,Misc.,Non Food

So I was at Costco today and while I was checking out, rather than signing a credit card slip, like was the SOP, I was asked to sign the signature pad. I asked the person checking me out why the change. The response was “we want to save trees and not waste paper”. I had [...]

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Apr 25 2010

Toilet Paper

Published by CPGgal under Non Food

April, 2010 –  A roll is not a roll.  Unlike ice cream where there were once standards such as a pint, ½ gallon and gallon, in TP this has never been the case.  This was not something I even noticed until I started working at my current job selling the product, but did you ever [...]

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