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Archive for the 'Things that annoy me' Category

Jan 27 2012

Worst Customer Service EVER!

Published by CPGgal under Things that annoy me

So my Aunt recently turned 70. Wanting to help her celebrate her big day I went online to FTD Florists. I ordered what I thought would be a wonderful bouquet of flowers that cost nearly $100 dollars. I had a 20% offer from my AAA membership, so I only paid about $80 for what I [...]

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Dec 09 2010

Boarding by status, not your seat location

Still on board but slightly different twist to the situation. The woman next to me was telling me that on United it doesn’t matter where your seat is, it depends how much you fly. I understand the first class boards first and even the premiere members’ load on next, but again, to load last when [...]

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Dec 09 2010

Coats in the overhead bin

December 9, 2010 – I haven’t flown with United Airlines in quite a while, but this week I had the opportunity to do so for an overnight business trip out to Chicago. The flight out from LGA was great, in fact it arrived 30 minutes early and the middle seat was empty. I am thinking [...]

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