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Jan 27 2012

Worst Customer Service EVER!

Published by CPGgal under Things that annoy me

So my Aunt recently turned 70. Wanting to help her celebrate her big day I went online to FTD Florists. I ordered what I thought would be a wonderful bouquet of flowers that cost nearly $100 dollars. I had a 20% offer from my AAA membership, so I only paid about $80 for what I thought looked like a fabulous arrangement. Everything was delivered on schedule, but the next day I got a call from my mom who asked, how much did you pay for your Aunt’s flowers? When I asked why she said because they looked like they were worth about $15. WOW, I was fooled big time. When I called to see if perhaps they shipped the wrong item, I was given a song a dance on how they are allowed to substitute items. Reality was there was no substitution, FTD just provides a crappy arrangement and charge you a lot for it but make you think it is bigger through photography. Well they offered me 20% off my order as an apology. OK, doesn’t help the embarrassment of a chintzy arrangement but it was something. Well two and a half weeks went by and my credit card never received the 20% off. I called again this evening to find out where the credit was and was told oh we will send you confirmation that we credited your account. Can you believe that had I not called back to complain twice they would not have issued the credit, as promised? I will be posting this blog anywhere I can to insure other don’t use FTD floral. I have used ProFlowers before I think that is who I will use going forward. Whatever you do DON’T USE FTD!

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Sep 06 2011

Gluten Free Products

Published by CPGgal under Food,Gluten Free,Grocery Stores

I have started a Gluten Free (well low gluten) for personal reasons and to see if I can feel a difference in my body and energy levels. It’s been about 2 weeks now and so far, nothing yet from an energy standpoint that I am noticing. What I have noticed is the amount of Gluten Free products on the market. This is fantastic for people with Celiac disease that must cut gluten out of their diets or else be in pain. I am impressed with all of the wheat flour substitutes like Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Coconut Flour, Soy Flour, Almond Flour, etc. Bob’s Red Mill http://www.bobsredmill.com/flours-meals/ is one of several manufacturers of these products. I did use their Rice Flour to make some banana nut muffins and I was impressed that they were actually tasty. Other items I have recently purchased include Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips and Crispy Rice Peanut Butter Bars, from EnviroKidz Organic. Even the hummus I purchased states “now gluten free”. We’ll see how the self imposed diet goes and I will certainly keep posting more on the products that impress me.

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May 07 2011

Commodity Prices are going up

Published by CPGgal under Food,Non Food

With commodity prices increasing what do you think that will do to consumer goods? You guessed it, prices are going to have to increase. Manufacturers have put off “real” price increases by bringing down the size of the products over the last few years, but with soaring costs and not much left to mini-size, prices will now have to go up at the stores. Kimberly Clark, P&G, Kraft and others have all announced price increases that will go into affect in June, so if there is something you usually buy in bulk, you may want to stock up this month.

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Feb 20 2011

Two Thumbs up for a Costco sample

Published by CPGgal under Costco,Food,Pulled Beef

Very often my husband and I visit Costco during a weekend and we are happy to try the samples, but many times they don’t motivate us to purchase anything. Today was different. There was a Jack Daniel’s BBQ pulled Brisket being sampled and it was quite tasty. So much so, that we purchased a package. It was about $9 for four lbs worth of meat that was already pre-cooked and only took 4 minutes to microwave. This was less expensive than buying our own Brisket ($5.49/lb.) that would then need to be seasoned and slow cooked for at least 8 hours. We had one of the two pre-measured packs that were in the package for dinner this evening and I will say I was quite pleased. After looking at the ingredients label, all looked better than I anticipated. 3gms of fat, 14 gms protein and 180 calories per serving. The only negative is the sodium, 550mg or 23% of suggested daily intake. It is still not horrendous, but a watch out for anyone watching their sodium intake. The company who is selling an entire line of Jack Daniel’s meat products is Completely Fresh Foods, Inc. out of Montebello, CA. I may be trying their pulled chicken next.

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Jan 15 2011


Published by CPGgal under Costco,Misc.,Non Food

So I was at Costco today and while I was checking out, rather than signing a credit card slip, like was the SOP, I was asked to sign the signature pad. I asked the person checking me out why the change. The response was “we want to save trees and not waste paper”. I had to laugh as I watched a cart go by with Bounty towels and aware of the fact that Costco does not even carry paper products made from recycled material like Marcal Small Steps®. Ironic right?

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Dec 24 2010

Rockland Bakery – A must visit

Published by CPGgal under Food,Misc.

December 24, 2010 – For anyone that lives in the New York Metro area and happens to be on the Rockland side of the Tappan Zee Bridge, I strongly recommend stopping by the Rockland Bakery. It truly is a scrumptious experience. Their breads are so fresh that you actually go into the bakery oven area to pick out your own rolls, bagels, breads,etc. and they are usually still warm. In the front of the store are all of their cakes and cookies. I have yet to eat something bad from the bakery whether it is their 7-Layer cake for $7.00 – yes just $7.00 or their cannolis and butter cookies, or birthday cakes, it is a place that tempts the taste-buds. We just purchased a fresh strawberry shortcake today for our hostess tomorrow and thank goodness the box is closed in the refrigerator because it is going to take a lot of effort to not dig in early. The place seems to be always open both early and late and they do supply many of the area restaurants. So if you want great priced fresh baked goods, check them out. http://www.rocklandbakery.com/

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Dec 24 2010

The plane difference

Published by CPGgal under Transportation,Travel

December 24, 2010 – So this week I had yet another business trip. This time I flew JetBlue Airlines and it was a way different experience than two weeks earlier on United Airlines. Yes they loaded those in the more expensive seats first and yes they let those who needed extra help and small children next but then OMG yes they loaded the back of the plane first. When passengers put their coats in the overhead bins, the flight attendants removed them and told passengers, if there is room when all luggage is on board we will put it back on top for you. So besides the extra leg room and satellite TV’s it appears that JetBlue staff know what they are doing and it is so much more efficient than United. If given the choice, Jet Blue it is for me flying forward.

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Dec 17 2010

Bumble Bee Tuna

Published by CPGgal under Food,Grocery Stores

December 17, 2010 – While I was shopping this week I noticed Bumble Bee Tuna on sale for $0.88. What a great price I thought to myself, usually it’s about $1.00 on sale and it’s been that way for at least 20 years. I know, it’s one of the brands I used to rep when I worked for a broker back in the early 90′s. Back then a can of tuna was 8oz. Mind you if you are reading this outside of the NY area, then the prices probably aren’t relevant, because when I lived in Chicago, I remember thinking, “ wow tuna is a lot more expensive here”.

I remember when the can went down to 6oz, but somehow the 5oz can must have slipped by me. When I bought the can, not only did the top change, it is now a painted white lid, so that the brand can market it’s benefits on the top, but now it is only about 2 servings per can, which used to be 3. What are some of the benefits being touted that can no longer fit on the label because the can itself continues to shrink in size you ask?

Bumble Bee®
High Protein
Low Fat
Low Sodium
Low Carb
BeeWell ForLife.com
100% Recyclable Packaging

I must admit, as a marketing person, the white lid is something that should have been done ages ago, I just hope the paint on the lid isn’t causing its own environmental issue. Other interesting tidbits you probably didn’t know about tuna. Solid white and Chunk White are the same except with the Chunk White, the tuna is already chopped up for you. One would think Chunk White should be more expensive, but somehow it isn’t. Chunk Light on the other hand is the darker meat of the tuna that is less expensive and what most restaurants will serve when ordering a tuna sandwich. I myself much prefer the Chunk White or Solid White vs. Chunk Light. I guess it is similar to those who prefer the white meat of turkey or chicken compared to the dark meat.

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Dec 11 2010

Did you know?

Published by CPGgal under Misc.

December 11, 2010 – I was visiting a customer this week, which one isn’t important but I learned some things that I don’t think many people know and quite frankly working for the underdog brand in my category I didn’t like one bit. Did you know that e-commerce sites actually sell top search terms to vendors so that their products show up first in a catalog? In theory I am OK with paid search, but what I am not pleased with is that vendors like Best Buy, OfficeMax, Costco.com and Home Depot don’t tell consumers that certain products pop up top because manufacturers are paying them to do so. With paid search you know it’s been paid for and the top box is usually a shade of gray, but on a company’s e-commerce site, you the consumer would have no idea. So if you are a P&G, Kraft or Kimberly Clark with oodles of money, you can literally lock out your competitors from showing up at the top of a website search for similar products. It’s bad enough that NewsAmerica allows companies to buyout all of the in-store advertising, but now that I know this exists in the online world as well, I have a whole new perspective of what I am looking at in online catalogs that supply may different brands and categories. Just thought you should all know this too.

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Dec 09 2010

Boarding by status, not your seat location

Still on board but slightly different twist to the situation. The woman next to me was telling me that on United it doesn’t matter where your seat is, it depends how much you fly. I understand the first class boards first and even the premiere members’ load on next, but again, to load last when at the back of the plane just doesn’t make sense. United Airlines actually gives you the option of paying extra money to board sooner when you check in online. When are the airlines going to stop nickel and diming passengers? As I stated earlier, I haven’t flown United in a while, but they recently merged with Continental and I have certainly flown them at least 5 times this year. Perhaps once I combine my frequent flier cards I was be recognized as a more frequent flier. But really, don’t we all pay enough for our airline tickets? Do we now need to pay even more just to insure we can bring carryon on board? Perhaps if they didn’t charge you to check bags, more people would check then bring it on board, or perhaps if the luggage workers delivered the luggage more quickly more people would check their bags, but until then, I guess I will have to continue to suffer having to gate check my bag until either flight attendants enforce the rules or the airlines do something to stop constantly charging people to be treated with some decency.

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